Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Real Scooter

The emailed headlines for today's NY Times has Vecsey's story about the now late great shortstop titled as "The Yankees' Gabby Talisman."

Gabby Talisman.

That's almost as great-sounding a baseball name as Phil Rizzuto.

I never did get to see Rizzuto play, of course, but I grew up with him in the Yankees' broadcast booth. After a while, he did become the caricature of himself that most people remember, and boy, those endless ads for "the Money Stawwwuh" on WPIX are still a scar in my inner ear.

Nonetheless, I have fond memories of him. RIP, Scooter.


It turns out the headline for Vecsey's piece in the actual paper replaces "Gabby" with "Chatty." This is unfortunate. It's a good read [T$] otherwise.

There are some great pictures, attached to another story, here.


Apologies to KK for not acknowledging the superiority of Pee Wee.


Sornie said...

Much better baseball names than the mythical Gimpy Nohitter.

bjkeefe said...

LOL! Or, say, Fanny Batsman.