Monday, August 20, 2007

One Myth Demolished

David Pogue has a reputation in some on-line circles as a "fanboy." This is the term of choice for people who also like to characterize computers designed in Cupertino as "MacIntoys."

I've never thought of Pogue that way. Sure, he likes a lot of what Apple puts out -- which he admits -- and he's good at his job when in full praise mode. But he can also play the role of a proper critic.

Case in point: His recent review of iMovie '08 should be enshrined as an example of how to rip apart something that needs ripping apart. Even if you don't use your computer to make edit video (I'm not there yet, either), Pogue's piece is well worth a look. Companies need to hear stuff like this, when it truly applies.

In my dreams, Pogue's words would also be stapled to the eyelids of anyone who attempts to writes anywhere on-line "MacIntoy," "Micro$oft sux," or "free software is worth what you pay for it." Specifics, people. Specifics are what sell your story.

Those of you who are made queasy by my new policy of shunning on-line holy wars are invited to hook up with me off-line, where I will be glad to deliver my seventeen hour sermon, "Why Emacs is the One True Editor."

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