Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mine Take

I had planned not to comment on the Utah mine situation. What could I add to the rest of the coverage and commentary? But I was just made aware of a wrinkle in this story that particularly irritated me.

Maybe you already know this:

The man who will oversee the federal government's investigation into the disaster that has trapped six workers in a Utah coal mine for over a week was twice rejected for his current job by senators concerned about his own safety record when he managed mines in the private sector.

President George W. Bush resorted to a recess appointment in October 2006 to anoint Richard Stickler as the nation's mine safety czar after it became clear he could not receive enough support even in a GOP-controlled Senate.

Classic Bush story. Cronyism, obvious conflicts of interest, disregard for comptence, and disdain for the advice and consent of the Senate. Time and time again, this costs innocent people their lives.

I've ranted before about this never-ending parade of foxes guarding henhouses that is so characteristic of the Bush Administration. The chickens are coming home to roost, once again.

This time, I hope they're packing heat.

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