Thursday, August 23, 2007

Further Evidence that the Internet Connects Everything

You remember the banana video, right?

Just came across "Jesus and Mo," and what do you suppose they were discussing?

Set aside some time. You'll need it for clicking all those "<<" and ">>" icons. The best ones are when they're talking to the barmaid. Great comic strip!

If you want to start at the beginning and experience the, um, evolution of the strip, the first one is here.

And here is a specific recommendation for TC. KK might especially like it, too.

(h/t: Pharyngula)


2007-08-23 21:59 EDT

Couple of other good comics, from the links supplied by "Jesus and Mo:" "Basic Instructions" and "PartiallyClips."


2007-08-23 22:43 EDT

And speaking of strange connections, we have this old post and this new (to me) comic, from PartiallyClips.


Sornie said...

This internet you speak of, can it be used for fishing?

bjkeefe said...

Yes. But you must spell it correctly.

Phorced that one a little, I'll admit.