Sunday, August 05, 2007

What (Else) is the Matter With Kansas?

From yet another story on earmarks, which trust me, you really don't want to read:

When Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, recently ridiculed a provision on the House floor to spend $100,000 on a prison museum near Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Representative Nancy Boyda of Kansas jumped to promote her district's heritage.

Leavenworth County, she boasted, had more prisons than any other county in America.

Heritage? Boasted?

To be fair, I guess the title of this post really should have been: "What's the Matter With Congress?" From the same story:

So far this year, House lawmakers have put together spending bills that include almost 6,500 earmarks for almost $11 billion in local projects …

Which must explain why they had no time to tend to trivialities like, say, a surveillance bill that would actually make the Bush Administration show some respect for the Constitution.

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