Thursday, February 14, 2008

Attention: Upgrade Your Tinfoil Helmet

From the What Could Possibly Go Wrong Department:

U.S. Officials Say Broken Satellite Will Be Shot Down

Hard to say if it'd be better to let the whole thing come down by itself -- earlier reports have indicated that it's too big to burn up completely in the atmosphere, and there are some toxic chemicals aboard to worry about, even if it doesn't land on someone's head. But there is danger from the debris to consider, even if the missile hits as planned, and you do have to wonder about the odds of one intact lump landing in a problem area, compared to many pieces being scattered.

I do hope the experts truly think this is the best thing to do, and it's not a case of politicians insisting that something be done because they are worried about the chance of being blamed for not doing something. Not that this Administration has any history of meddling or anything.


Anonymous said...

I believe the idea is to use a missile impact to insure that it falls into the ocean, to protect the classified technology the satellite uses. This will also provide the US Spacewar geeks the opportunity to try out their weaponry.

bjkeefe said...

I hadn't heard about the redirection idea. If this makes sense -- a nudge, rather than blowing the thing to bits, so to speak, I'm okay with it.

I should have considered the more plausible scenario that you also mention: boys and their toys. Let's just hope the shot works. There certainly are plenty of reasons to think otherwise.

bjkeefe said...

[Via email]

This is all I can think of.

J. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, they'll destroy it if possible, but most likely over Hawaii, so the parts rain down over the Pacific. They cannot predict how small the parts will be in either scenario - missile intercept or unguided re-entry. When dealing with the latest generation of classified spy technology, you plan on the assumptions of what can possibly happen, not what is most likely to happen. Their worst case scenario is recoverable chunks hitting the earth on Russian or Chinese soil. They have to go for the shootdown.

John Evo said...

Cool video, Brendan. I wouldn't want to be on that capsule.

Anonymous said...

If these mappings are accurate, then I'd say the primary concern is the testing of anti-satellite space-warfare weaponry, and the protection of classified spy technology only secondary. Or, they hate Canadians. Could go either way.