Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Elementary (now) for dear Watson

You may have heard about the moment of cringe on Tuesday, when Texas State Senator Kirk Watson, appearing as an Obama supporter during the coverage of the Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries, could not answer Chris Matthews's question about Obama's legislative achievements.

In the better late than never department, Watson has posted a short bit on his own web site. Call it damage control, or be more charitable, but it's pretty good.

Hat tip to Hilzoy, guest-blogging on Andrew Sullivan's site. Hilzoy's post is worth reading, as well.

And h/t to BlogginNoggin, for pointing out Hilzoy's post.

This doesn't excuse Watson, who should have been better prepared, but quick, without Googling, name Hillary Clinton's legislative accomplishments. For me, the only thing that comes to mind is a lot of noise in favor of outlawing flag-burning and a decidedly dumb pro-war vote.

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