Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Right Stuff?

In the spirit of trying to stay out of the echo chamber, I put out one of my semi-periodic calls for recommendations for good conservative blogs on the forums.

What do I mean by a "good conservative blog?" It's hard to say precisely, but loosely, I mean a place where I can find viewpoints different from mine that are not just the same old liberal-bashing talking points, nor are they the ones dominated by venom, xenophobia, war-cheerleading, and general shallowness of thought. As examples of the non-good, the following come to mind: Ace, Althouse, Confederate Yankee, Instapundit, LGF, Malkin, Powerline, Townhall, and the Weekly Standard. Possible additions to this list, although I don't know them as well, include Captain's Quarters, Hot Air, and Redstate.

I already regularly read Ross Douthat, Balloon Juice, and Andrew Sullivan, although it's arguable that the latter two have been expelled for heresy by the rest of the True Conservatives.

I got back some helpful suggestions, especially from AemJeff and Piscivorous:

Anyone have any other recommendations and/or any feelings about the ones listed?

Of course, the go-to reasonable conservative remains the incomparable Jon Swift.

Eerie coincidence: Just as I was double-checking my links prior to publishing this post, I saw that The Corner's most recent entry is a report of the death of William Buckley, Jr. Sort of the canonical thinking conservative, at least to some.


Adam said...

Michael Totten's blog is very good reportage on the Middle East that some would characterize as conservative. His commenters are certainly largely conservatives. You might say the same thing about Iraq the Model, also.

I also check out Dan Drezner's blog, I don't know if that's too obvious to mention.

bjkeefe said...

Thanks, Adam.

I bet Drezner would take exception to being called "conservative" (I think he still describes himself as a libertarian), but as far as a viewpoint different from mine, it's a good addition.

Heard of MT before, but have not read. Thanks for that, too.