Friday, February 22, 2008

Math is Hard Wacked

Just saw that my main man made it 11 in a row yesterday, after winning the primary called "Democrats Abroad."

Apparently, Obama won the popular vote by a 2-to-1 margin. However:

The overseas Democrats were allocating a small number of delegates … under a proportional system that allotted 2.5 to Obama and 2 to Clinton.

Once the dust settles from this election, I say we teach the DLC basic fractions:


John Evo said...

That's just the beginning of it. The Young Turks were talking (about 2 weeks ago) about the various ways that different states award delegates. Some of it is even more mathematically convoluted than your example of citizens abroad. Plus, they mostly count for a lot more delegates. Hey,

I'm just glad that Obama chalked up another win. They asked him today if Hillary had won 11 straight at this point, would the calls be much louder for him to step aside than it's been for her to do so. He handled it really well. Basically - yes. But it's what you have to expect. She's a party insider who was considered the one to beat and you beat the champ, not by decision, but by knockout.

I like it. TKO on March 4th?

bjkeefe said...

I agree with your analysis, John.

I do hope that, assuming 4 March turns out the way it's looking, that HRC will "suspend" her candidacy. It would be the decent thing to do, and it would be good for the Democratic Party. There are some hints that she's leaning in this direction; e.g., her closing remarks at the last debate, and various other tea leaves glean-able from recent reports about the mood within her inner circle.

More cynically, it could be that she would bow out merely to keep her image from being (further) tarnished, especially if she wants to try another run for president and/or look to go after another (better) job. The possibility of Senate Majority Leader has been bandied about. I like that idea, although it could backfire if she tries to use the position to continue battling Obama.

If we really want to drift into dreamland, how about HRC for SecDef or Supreme Court Justice? How delightful would it be to listen to the howling from the wingnuts in either of those cases?

In any case, yes, TKO on the 4th is what I'm rooting for.

Adam said...

I am rooting for Schwarzenegger for SECDEF under Obama. I think it could happen.

bjkeefe said...

Speaking of wacked ...

Ahnold for SecDef? Just because most Republicans think 24 represents torture reality, you think the Terminator would be equally qualified in their eyes?

I do expect Obama to make some high-profile reach-across-the-aisle appointments, but this one goes a little far.

However, were the Governator of Caleeforneeuh to make a key endorsement during a close race that tipped the state in the right (i.e., left) direction ... hmmm.

No, not SecDef. But he could probably get something good for that. Ambassador to Austria, maybe?