Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Rules Provoke Wingnut Pity Party. Again.

(Updated below)

Kind of an awkward sentence, but I guess ol' Timmers was trying to type with one hand while knuckling away angry tears with the other:

That underlines the "mainstream" mistake – that whatever the reigning liberal sensibilities are in our news template, often defined by minority journalist groups, are defined as "neutral."

What's the problem this time? Seems the new executive editor at the Moonie Washington Times, John Solomon, has issued some updates to the paper's style guide. Among the horrors: use illegal immigrants instead of illegal aliens, and no more scare quotes around gay marriage. Oh, and from now on, "Clinton will be the headline word for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton."

I can never decide what's most amazing about the far-right "media watchdogs:" the amount of hate they can bring every day, that they can't grasp that their viewpoint isn't the mainstream, or that they think things like this are funny. (Featured link on the Timmers post, in case you missed it.)

(h/t: Roy Edroso)


2008-02-29 02:24

More Roy, on another wingnut feeling sorry for himself because the mean liberals are always picking on him:

The maudlin note of persecution just makes the KICK ME sign easier to read.

Boy can bring it.


Rick said...

Re: the video link: Good grief, my 5-year-old could write funnier gags.

It's a nice irony that the wingnut conservatives like to portray themselves as some sort of "minority" deserving "special" status because they have no "voice" in the "mainstream." Is anyone lobbying to have courses in "conservative studies" introduced at major universities?

bjkeefe said...

Ah, kyklops ... you poor, sheltered furriner.

Don't you know that the Liberal Fascists control the universities here in the US, and won't let honest Americans study The Truth?