Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Good News

Mister Leonard Pierce has delivered the final installments of his CPAC coverage. See the bottom of this post for links.

Oh, and Obama went 3 for 3 today: Louisiana comfortably, and Nebraska and Washington (state), both by better than 2:1. Not hugely unexpected (although the margins surprised me a little), but quite pleasant nonetheless.


John Evo said...

Update: 4 for 4 on the weekend. Maine!

5 for 5 if you include Hillary sacking her campaign manager. Hmmm... just the right move at the right time. Obama appears to have an unstoppable head of steam - so confirm it to the world! Nice move, girl.

jiminy jilliker said...

6 for 6 if you include the US Virgin Islands-with about 90% of the vote I might add.

bjkeefe said...

Yes, yes. I should have updated this post, but thanks to the two of you for doing so.

Great weekend, wasn't it?

I also loved the simultaneous display of ongoing disarray over on the GOP side. I have no love for the Huckster, but the more he continues to fragment his party, the better.