Thursday, February 07, 2008

So, what else is happening at CPAC?

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Besides the cutting and running, I mean?

Mister Leonard Pierce describes [Ch. 6] the reception McCain received during his big speech:

He goes on to say the word “conservative” about eleventy seven billion more times, but honestly, he goes over like a lead balloon encased in a lead safe that has been thrown out of a lead airplane while someone plays Led Zepplein III.

MLP has been filing detailed coverage of the big Conservative Political Action Committee 2008 whoopdeedoo [Ch. 3] …

Here’s a description of Hell they never give you: a huge room full of all the people you hate most, and they’re all having a wonderful time.

... and it is great stuff. So far available:


John Evo said...

I love that the Republicans are fighting amongst themselves. It hasn't been this promising since Barry Goldwater. Well, there WAS the thing with Bush 1st raising taxes... but that wasn't as wonderful as this.

bjkeefe said...

Boo yeah! It's popcorn time!