Friday, February 29, 2008

Neologism of the Month: 2008-02

(Updated below)

Jonanism. Bow down to ThePoorman! (h/t: Instaputz)

Disclaimer: The fact that no other neologisms have been nominated on this blog during this month, and the fact that only about three more hours remain in this month, despite this month's having an extra day, should in no way be construed as a diminishing of the magnitude of the appreciation of this blog's author.

On a related note, Michael Tomasky, though a little late to the game, more than makes up for his tardiness. Free content from TNR, no less!

[Added] My bad for missing this one when it came out: Alterman takes a whack.


2008-03-01 13:37

Attribution correction, thanks to sfaw: Originator of term is believed to be "calling all toasters," not ThePoorman. We still bow down, but now in a different direction. Details in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The Poor Man merely provided the server space. The word's author was/is "calling all toasters", the correct person to whom we should "bow down".

bjkeefe said...

Thanks for the correction, sfaw.

Following your tip, I add the following. According to Instaputz, this is believed to be the first documented use of jonanism.