Friday, February 29, 2008

Not Available Yet

(Updated below: correction)

But it damned well ought to be, and soon. Great for a bumper sticker or T-shirt, don't you think?


Get on over to slag's place and demand your right to buy.

And have a look around the rest of the site, including the Shameless Commerce link. Great stuff.


2008-02-29 11:27

Turns out it is, in fact, available. See here and here.


slag said...

Many thanks for the plug! And FYI-we're always open to design/concept suggestions. So, if you've had an idea for something that you want to see on a shirt/sticker/whatever, let me know, and we'll do what we can with it. Hope does, indeed, kick fear's ass. Go Obama!

Adam said...

I think I'll go for "Obama: Saviour of the Universe."

Hopefully when he is elected we'll finally be able to defeat that evil Emperor Palpitine and Darth Vader and finally destroy that f'ing Death Star.

daniel fox said...

I made one of these today for you slag. VERY nice! and very true.

daniel. (skreened)