Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lawrence Lessing on Why He's For Obama

Via Farhad Manjoo, here's Lawrence Lessig making the case for Obama:

The video is about twenty minutes long, but if you're still on the fence about this, it's probably worth your time.

(alt. video link)


jiminy jilliker said...

The calm rationality displayed here is like a deep, cool drink of water after gargling hot sand.

Also, Lessig is considering running for Congress, but he wants input before he jumps. I'm TOTALLY sold on the idea. If you think you might be as well, check out:

bjkeefe said...


Glad you like the vid. I did, too (obviously), even though my mind's already made up. You're absolutely right -- it was good to hear calm rationality.

Lessig's a good man, and I'll support him if he wants to run for Congress. I do worry about a pearl amongst swine, however. Could be ugly.

But, since this is a time of hope, maybe his presence will drag the rest of them up a notch.