Thursday, March 20, 2008

And They Even Spelled My Name Right!

Nothing like being featured* on the website of a Global Media Juggernaut!** And next to the founding fathers, no less! And only three steps below Krugman!

Thanks, Bob and Mickey. Fame!

(click pic to enlarge)

Kinda makes me wish I hadn't said so many mean things about them in the comments.

* (if you click the "more links" link)

** (self-proclaimed)


jiminy jilliker said...

I started listening in the hopes that I would get to the point where they discuss your blog, but my extreme distaste for Kaus's nonsensical "counterintuition or bust!" gum-flapping came rushing up my esophagus and I had to quit before I puked on my keyboard.
It's a damn shame that such a smart guy is so infatuated with his own gimmick.

John Evo said...

AH! There it is. I just asked you about it over at the forum, because I didn't see it!

Anyway, well deserved link. I LOVED the way you destroyed Mickey's slimey anti-Obamaism.

It was a wonderful speech. They don't get better than that from 21st century American politicians.

bjkeefe said...

JJ: Not to worry. They didn't really have much to say about me. It was just a bit of insider talk of interest only to committed fans. But thanks for giving it a shot.

JE: Thanks. Yeah, that Mickey sure can provoke me to put in some effort.

Anonymous said...

Not only listed, but mentioned in the discussion. I almost gave up after 58 minutes and called it a night, but I'm glad I stuck it out for the last 2 minutes to hear you discussed by Bob. Interesting discussion on BH about Obama's speech and Spitzer also. I don't think Mickey is right about the speech alienating blue collar whites. A blue collar guy who felt that he had been a victim of affimative action told me yesterday that the speech changed him from a Hillary supporter to an Obama supporter. True, it's only one guy and he's not in Pennsylvania, but it's some indication.

bjkeefe said...


You're a good man for sitting through that, just to hear my name mentioned. Most of the time, Mickey is not so tiresome, and in general, the diavlogs are better than that. Thanks for the effort.

I'm comforted to hear about your blue collar acquaintance. Just goes to show how silly most sweeping statements are, and also indicates that Obama might have touched some nerves, in a good way, that the MSM has missed.