Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson Endorses Obama

Barack Obama and Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico and an early candidate himself in this year's campaign, will endorse Barack Obama for president, it says here.

A little inside baseball:

1. Richardson is Hispanic. This may help make Obama more appealing to Hispanic voters, an area in which he could use some help.

2. Richardson was a Cabinet official (Secretary of Energy) in the Bill Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton also spent this past Super Bowl Sunday at Richardson's house. This makes Richardson's endorsement a bit more courageous than most, it seems to me.

3. Richardson is frequently mentioned as a possible vice presidential choice, and up till today, for either candidate. Together with point 2, this really has to be seen as Richardson boldly casting his lot, which makes the endorsement that much more worthwhile.

What the wingnuts who read the New York Times (and they do -- gotta keep an eye on the LIEbrul media, don'tcha know) are probably saying about the above picture:

  • Big deal. A brown man endorses a black man. We'll be looking into Richardson's pastor, too. Just you wait.

  • If Richardson likes Obama so much, how come he's sitting so far away from him?

  • If Obama likes Richardson so much, how come he won't even offer him a glass of water?

  • Notice that they're sitting in yellow chairs. That means they're both cowards and will surrender to the terrorists.

  • Oh, NOW Obama holds his hand over his heart. Pity he couldn't do that during the plejalleejince!

Add your guesses in the Comments.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder what this will do, publically? I'm glad he's in though. When I first heard about this early this morning I wanted to post this on a comment board (huffpo, tpm etc):

"Its the Browns and the Blacks sticking together!!....Oh wait, I thought they hate each other?...Confound racial stereotypes! "

.....I thought it was funny.

bjkeefe said...

.....I thought it was funny.

It was. But never apologize for your jokes. It robs other of the chance to snark when they're not. ;^)

I think the BR endorsement is worth something. If nothing else, it's something new for the MSM to talk about, which moves the Wright nonsense a little out of the spotlight. And as I said, the fact that he was closely connected to the Clintons, and was actively wooed by them, but still chose Obama, has to be seen for something.

John Dickerson agrees with me, which makes him a smart pundit.