Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now Playing at The House of Woo

Black HoleIn yet another example of the truism that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, two wingnuts are suing to prevent the Large Hadron Collider from firing up, claiming that researchers have inadequately addressed the possibility that the LHC could … oh, how it hurts to type this … create a miniature black hole which will quickly swallow up the Earth.

Given the infestation of this planet with people like this pair, I am sometimes hard-pressed to say why that would be a bad thing.

To be more charitable: Were I the judge, I would ask these guys, "How else are we supposed to meet the Heechee?"

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Eponym said...

Good grief. One of the geniuses apparently "studied physics and did cosmic ray research at the University of California." He also sued to shut RHIC at Brookhaven in '99 and 2000. I don't even know how to comment, except to keep repeating the word "idiot."

bjkeefe said...

You do have to love the glaring omission of any degree, though.

In other news, I have studied how to get a date with Morena Baccarin.

Unknown said...

Bring on the Heechee!

bjkeefe said...

I cannot overstate how happy it makes me that you knew that reference.

JTankers said...
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bjkeefe said...


I deleted your comment here because you posted the same exact comment elsewhere on this blog, under the newer post titled Massive Missives.

That copy will not be deleted, so please don't start yammering about "suppression."

Posting multiple copies of the same comment is spamming. Don't do it. It's rude.

JTankers said...

I'm not sure a one-liner joke qualifies as spam exactly, but fair enough.