Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attn: Lefties Who Don't Give A Crap About The Super Bowl

Like me, I mean.

Two words: Go, Steelers.

The power of political correctness compels you.


Unknown said...

Geography is destiny.

The Steelers are, and have been, AFC North rivals to all Baltimore teams. This year, the Steelers beat the Ravens. But, the Steelers' Hines Ward is a favorite among South Koreans, including my wife, who hates sports. Therefore, hometown loyalty trumps ideology and family.

I hope the Cards beat the Steelers so badly, Pittsburgh needs an expansion franchise next year!

bjkeefe said...

Sounds like a looming domestic squabble in the Baltimoron household!

Adam said...

Among other reasons for lefties to root for the Stillers:

Pennsylvania is obviously a much more left wing state than Arizona, having gone blue in every Presidential election since 1988, whereas AZ has gone red every election since 1996.

Kurt Warner, the Cardinals quarterback, is absolutely ridiculous in that he repeatedly, in every post-game interview after the Cardinals win, gives thanks to his lord and savior Jesus Christ (who obviously cares who wins the Super Bowl) to the point that before he began his last interview he anticipated the gag reaction he was going to elicit across the country by saying something like "I know you know I'm gunna say this since I say it every game..."

The Cardinals uniforms are red... coincidence... I think not.

I am rooting for the Cardinals. I love underdogs, I'm sick of the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu, and the Cardinals victory would be a historically successful playoff run for a team that ended the year 9-7 (and limped into the playoffs looking like they were going to get creamed in the first round.) Despite the fact that I don't like Kurt Warner as a person I like him as a player and it will be an interesting battle to see if his passing success thus far this post-season has been a fluke or if it can stand up to arguably the best (or second best, after B-more) defense in the league. Also my dad grew up in Phoenix and his parents, brother and sister all live in the Valley of the Sun so I have a soft spot for the Cardinals, the Suns, the D-backs, the Coyotes and the ASU Sun Devils. The Cardinals also are a historically bad franchise who haven't won a championship since before the Super Bowl existed in 1947 and have moved cities twice since then.

But of course all those reasons to root for the Cards all have to do with either football or at least not politics. Lefties should root for the Steelers.