Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture This

Swiped from Oliver Willis:

I would like to imagine that, moments after the above was taken, the picture in the left hand was summarily torn to shreds.

On a related note:

Hours after taking office on Tuesday, President Barack Obama ordered military prosecutors in the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals to ask for a 120-day halt in all pending cases.

And on another:

David Iglesias -- the former US Attorney who was fired in 2006 for failing to prosecute politically motivated cases as aggressively as the Bush administration and its allies wanted -- has a new job.

Iglesias, a member of the US Naval Reserve JAG corps, has been reactivated as part of a special prosecution team for Guantanamo detainees, he told a New Mexico news station this morning.

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Beth said...

I sent these news snippets to my sons.
Obama is going to make a difference!