Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not All My Vexes Live In Texas

Just because George W. Bush was safely bundled out of town doesn't mean there aren't still people inexplicably being given money to share what passes for their thoughts. Case in point: Megan McArdle, paid (!) by The Atlantic (!!) to blog.

Someone who may or may not* be named Lemuel Pitkin once called McMegan "weapons-grade stupid."

Lemuel was being polite.

Fortunately, we have Glenzilla:

Not letting abject ignorance interfere with opining

There are times when the glaring ignorance one encounters from people who are paid to write about political issues is so severe -- so illustrative of how distorted and misleading our political discourse is -- that it's impossible to ignore even though one would really like to.  Let's just spend a moment marveling at this paragraph written yesterday by The Atlantic's Megan McArdle, the sum total of her commentary on Obama's suspension of military commissions at Guantanamo:

Yes you should read the whole thing. And pay attention to what he has to say about Glenn Reynolds, too.

(h/t: Instaputz)

* Why we're suspicious. Good online handle, though.

[Added] And dammit. I should have take a screenshot of that classic comment. It lived on for a while after Yglesias moved on from the Atlantic to Think Progress, but more recently, it looks like the Atlantic changed over to the Disqus commenting system, and managed to lose all of the earlier comments in the process. One wonders which Galtian was the sysadmin for that "upgrade."

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