Thursday, January 29, 2009

These No Longer Go To 11

Managing Editor Joe Carter, in an interview posted 5 September 2008:

Culture11 is a new online magazine/social network for "cultural conservatives." We launched the site last week with the goal of building a community around 11 key areas of culture: arts, commerce, community, education, faith, family, ideas, leisure, media, politics, and technology.

Bill Bennett, David Kuo, and David Gelernter started the project because they wanted to create an online destination where cultural conservatives--conservative people who think culture is more important than politics--could find both engaging content and a vibrant community.

David Kuo, in a post dated 28 January 2009:

Sometimes there are simple stories. Culture11’s is one of them. We raised a certain amount of money last year predicated on the assumption we would raise more money last year. Then the Fall’s fall occurred and we stretched money as long and far as we could without incurring any debts. With no new money in the door the board decided the most prudent thing to do was suspend business operations.

While I'm not cheering more people losing their jobs, especially as Culture11 seemed an outpost of comparatively sane conservatives, I will observe that this is another example of the Right's attempt to create a grassroots movement from the top down.

That failed.

[Added] Roger Ailes has a harsher take.