Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slowly He Learns

Former Bush supporter John Cole reacts to news of the CBO non-report report:

I promised to myself that never again would I be as gullible as I was during the Bush years, but I really don’t know what the appropriate level of skeptical is for Republicans right now. Even after losing their asses in the last two elections, facing numerous crises, here they are just flat-out making shit up on arguably the most important topic of the day.

From now on, anything the Republicans say I am just going to have to assume is a lie, until proven otherwise. I don’t know how else to handle this, as they simply can not be trusted to tell the truth or do the right thing, regardless what the stakes are.

I am not trying to say I told you so. Happy to have you aboard, John, happy that you've been aboard for the past couple of years, and happy to see that you're still open to realizing that no matter how bad you thought they were before, yes, the Republicans who hold the most clout really are even worse than that.

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