Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can I Get This In Poster Size? Please?

Via email from Don McArthur. Click it to see it in all its wholiness.

Warning Poster Against Crotchety Old Atheists

(alt. pic. source)

Gotta love that they picked a goat as the personification -- gave 'em the excuse to show the horns.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you were a person of faith you wouldn't get into so much trouble over at Bloggingheads. Ha!

Rick said...

Being a cranky atheist myself, I feel no twinge of conscience swiping that image and posting it on my own blog.
It's Sunday morning here, and I have no plans to go to church. The massive hangover has nothing to do with my sinful ways...

ArtSparker said...

Christianity=Youth & Beauty.

Anonymous said...


The assignment operator is '='. The test of equivalence is '=='. Even in heaven.