Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I would like to believe that for once, George W. Bush had a moment of clarity, and what he's thinking here is, "My God, what have I done to this country?"



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darkblack said...

Double nah.


ArtSparker said...

I went spinning off into a total fantasy a couple of days ago...what if every world leader who decided on war, every single one, knew that he would have to face a court where he would be judged as to whether his war was justified, with a sentence waiting at the end if he'd arranged to have other people's kids killed without it being necessary for the national equivalent of self-defense? Like a Super-Hague - that is, not being judged by the Almighty blah blah, but in the analogue world?

bjkeefe said...

Mostly, I like your dream, but the contrarian part of me can imagine someone with a better grasp of military history being able to come up with examples where the only way a leader escaped trouble at the time was by being on the winning side, but with the luxury of hindsight, became seen as someone who did the right thing. Similarly, for leaders who did not act decisively at the right moment, and so have come to be seen as responsible for a greater cost due to their dithering.

(Notice how my mastery at waffling here -- hypothesizing someone else who can make the argument that I can't. Nixon's "some say" has nothing on me.)

bjkeefe said...

Hey, dark: Just noticed. Thanks for blogrolling me.