Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Door, Ass, And So Forth

A GOP assChris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, calls attention to the Seed magazine "exit interview" of Bush's Science Advisor, John Marburger.

If you read the whole interview, and you've been paying attention for the past eight years, I think you'll agree that he could have been harsher.

Marburger calls the view that the Bush Administration was anti-science "an urban legend." He insists that the culture of science in America, compared to eight years ago, is "virtually unchanged." He plumps No Child Left Behind as a positive contribution to addressing the problem of scientific illiteracy in this country. But perhaps the clearest illustration comes in this exchange:

Seed: Did you see President Bush ever change his mind based on the scientific evidence that you presented him?

JM: As far as I can tell, the president, as a matter of principle, doesn't think it's wise to defy nature. By the time I've arranged a presentation about something for the president, all science questions have been resolved. And he expects it. He would probably fire me if I permitted a science question to leak into his briefings. I'm there to make sure that his advisors and his agencies have consulted with the science community, and that all the science issues have been taken care of before anything gets to him.

Yeah, that's what we needed -- someone else strengthening the bubble around Bush and enabling his pathological lack of curiosity.

Good riddance to you and your ex-boss, Mr. Marburger.


Anonymous said...

The single most harrowing comment about the Bushite Regime to date. Positively freakish.

N Gibson said...

Good Riddance for sure!