Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fat Kid Talks Tough. Again.

So much for the big day, two weeks ago, that was going to change the world (highlighting added):

Erick Erickson wanking(enlarge image)

Shorter Erick Erickson:

My call for armed insurrection over dishwasher detergent having succeeded so brilliantly, I will now conduct a Reign of Terror because the rest of the Teabaggers won't take orders from me, the "sixty-ninth most influential conservative in the United States" Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the RedState Trike Force.

(h/t: TBogg)


[Added] More of the great teabag unraveling (via).

[Added 2] Nice commentary on the hilarity described in the above, from Brian Beutler (no relation) at TPM. Here's an excerpt:

What could "#tcot" mean, we thought? Teabagging Conservatives' Organizing Tool? Tremendous Collection of Ornery Tweets?

In fact, it stands for "Top Conservatives On Twitter," and it is, in a way, a perfectly accurate moniker.

Following on the advice of former RNC chair Mike Duncan, who recently told his party faithful to "do it in the Facebook, with the Twittering," famous tweeters--including, you may recall, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX)--soon began appending their messages with the #tcot hashtag. Some even thought that this little convention would reignite the conservative movement, and, predictably, a a central hub for twitter's top conservatives.

But, alas, a national (or formerly national) political party can't organize around a tic-tac-toe sign. Just look at the record: #tcot didn't bring us the tea parties. FreedomWorks did. And just when the #tcot juggernaut seemed unstoppable, Norm Coleman lost his legal challenge, Jim Tedisco lost his New York congressional race, and Arlen Specter became a Democrat.

And it is with this record in mind, that we report, more in sadness than in laughter, the demise of #tcot.

Paging William Beutler …

[Added 3] That Meghan McCain is looking pretty smart all of the sudden, isn't she? Who wants to be first to apologize?

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