Monday, April 27, 2009


Ah, you know when James Wolcott decides to point his well-sharpened quill at the wingnut blogs, it's going to be good times.

But this bit that he quotes from Ace of Spades (2007 CPAC Blogger of the Year) might have satisfied my schadenfreude fix for all of April:

I'm trying to get some advertisers -- with the lone exception of a Killing Time ad from blog-friend Pegu, I haven't made a dime this whole month -- and so I'd appreciate if people calmed down a bit with the language.

More evidence that the wingnut welfare gravy train is grinding to a halt. I love it.

Ah, to remember the glory years, eh, Ace? When men were men and sheep were nervous, when the Pajamas Media blog ads network was keeping everyone in Cheetos and Funyuns, or Play-Doh and bacon, as the case may be, and you could curse out liberals all you liked.

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