Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rochacha Represent!

Fee BrothersDougJ has a fun post up on Balloon Juice, "Clinging to bitters," about a local business called Fee Brothers, which I hadn't heard of before now.

From back in the days when I spent virtually every waking hour in a nightclub (for pay, people! While clothed!), I have always had a fondness for bitters and soda. Placebo effect or not, it really does work to settle the stomach, and it tastes good, too. DougJ is already mixing some of his new purchases with booze and liking it, so I hope he picked up some club soda, too, but who knew there was so much more to know about this subject?

And who knew I lived in "flyover country?" If DougJ says it, on the Internet, it has to be true, but this is also news to me. I guess I feel good about it, since I can now be considered a Real American, and like DougJ, I now get to make jokes about the bitters and the clinging without being hated for being a coastal elitist.

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