Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Dunk of the Teabag

Now that the right-wing noise machine seems fully on (new) message -- Handshake Hysteria: The Surrender of the United States to a SocialistFascistDictatorThugNoReallyThisTimeWeMeanIt -- this, from TBogg, sums up (the last) Most Important Thing Ever pretty well:

Crowd estimates seem to be all over the place and the further that we get away from Teabagapalooza the more they seem to grow until, eventually, conservatives will claim that more than "a bajillion times infinity patriots" showed up. But, giving them the benefit of the doubt and saying that 400,000 showed up to protest big government, taxes, bailouts, the New Obama Order, gravity, and words that sound like other words but aren't the same thing, I would be much more impressed if it didn't take them a combined 800 cities to generate slightly more than half the crowd that the immigration amnesty protests drew in LA alone.

If I were a Republican I would be more concerned with the Big Brown Wave and less with the Frothing White Teabaggers.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't count the tea bagging orgies over yet. I think they will be a continuous theme throughout the next four years. I could be wrong, but I don't think the wingnuts/lunatics will be letting go of it any time soon.

bjkeefe said...

I agree that they'll probably continue to do them, but for the moment, I do think they've been implicitly acknowledged by most of the leaders on the right to be a PR stunt that went nowhere. Or, nowhere good.