Saturday, April 25, 2009

Until We Send Them To Re-education Camps, Can We Please Take Away Their Computers?

PZ reports:

We in academia are part of an insidious plot to promote Obama's socialist agenda by teaching nothing but "community organizing" all the time. At least, that's the impression you might get from right wing anti-academic freedom sites, as this quote might suggest.

Google the phrase "college and university courses in community organizing" and you get 9,990,000 entries, at least as of today.

One problem: the goon who did this search typed it into google without the quotes, which means that it returned every page where a college used the word "college" and a university used the word "university" and a community used the word "community". Properly enclose the phrase in quotes, and the number of entries you get is…two.

(h/t: marindenver/Rumproast)

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