Sunday, April 26, 2009

Line of the Day: 2009-04-26

As Thers from Whiskey Fire reminds us, sometimes obscenities are needed, to describe obscenities (emph. added).

Sorry about the light posting; busy, for one thing. For another, the "torture memos" stuff is not conducive at all to humorous blogging. I've started and then deleted any number of posts in the past few days because, well, what's there to say about the idea that the United States can use torture and that's just fine, besides the word "fuck"? I mean... fuck. I am glad that I'm not a "conservative," though, because I'm not obligated to come up with convoluted apologias for torture, which if nothing else just looks like incredibly hard work. I am however grimly amused by the notion that if we prosecute any of the Bush apparatchiks complicit in the Bush torture regime, that somehow would make America a "banana republic."

Because, after all, the defining feature of a "banana republic" is the idea that when government officials break the law and use torture, they're held accountable.

I mean... well, fuck, that's what I mean. Fuck.

Follow the link to read about another obscenity: Sen. John Ensign, R-NV.

[Added] I know what Thers means about the recent news about torture inhibiting humor. Here is a cartoon that I bookmarked a couple of days ago that I thought (think) is funny, but I have hesitated to pass along because I don't like the idea of contributing in however small a way to making a very serious problem be thought of more superficially. On the other hand, being too serious, even about horrible things, is not too good either. So, up to you if you want to click. Apologies for dumping the moral quandary on you.

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John Evo said...


When people now say, "but it worked and saved lives", I reel. Do I get bogged down in an argument over whether it works? Whether it did, in fact, save a single life? Whether even if it did, how we go about assessing the harm it did by creating enemies and distancing friends?

Or do I just say "Fuck, who cares whether it works or not? It's fucking IMMORAL."