Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Nightmare for Wingnuttia

How many fear-inducing elements can you count in this picture of Air Force One?

This is image 6 from TPM's slideshow "Summit of the Americas: Behind the Scenes." Click to enlarge. Some nice shots, although tediously slow going from one to the next.


John Evo said...

I came hear fully expecting a story praising Obama for finally cracking a little on the whole prosecution of torturers thing. That's what has me jazzed! Fuck the wingnuts.

bjkeefe said...

Sorry, dude. As far as I could tell from the one story I read on it, this did not seem to be a change from the way I've always thought Obama sees things on this issue: he doesn't want to make his Administration all about vengeance, he doesn't want the country to get bogged down in the GOP and MSM talking about a "witch hunt," and he'd like Congress to carry the ball, at least to begin with.

As before, I'm glad he hasn't slammed the door, but I never thought he would. At the very least, he's too smart a politician to do that, and I would also like to believe that here, as with most other things, he takes the long view; i.e., it'll be just as easy (probably easier) to move ahead on these in six month, a year, or two years from now, after he's maybe taken care of more immediate concerns and maybe gotten the hysteria over his every twitch to die down a little.

So, short version: Didn't seem to me like anything noteworthy or worth celebrating. Sorry.

John Evo said...

The media seems to think its a big deal. But maybe that's exactly what you're talking about.

bjkeefe said...

Actually, with today's release of the Senate Armed Services Committee report, Obama's statement now appears a lot more significant.

I'd say you made the right call. I now wish I had noted it at the time.