Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(pats self on back for making a prediction that could not fail to come true)

Remember yesterday when I was babbling out loud to myself about health care reform? If you made it all the way through (thanks!), you'll recall near the end I predicted OUTRAGE from the usual suspects about legislation being jammed down their throats. You know, because there will only be six months for Congress to pass a bill in the usual way before the reconciliation process is invoked to put an end to Republican desires to see people die in the street for the crime of being poor obstructionism.

And now, speaking of things being jammed down throats … Ladies and gentlemen, the man who put the best in bestiality … Rick Santorum!

(h/t: watertiger)

[Added] Also in the pot, meet kettle department: raspberries to almost-mole Judd Gregg and Bond, Kit Bond, two more Republican senators who ought to be as ex- as Santorum.

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