Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Like The Stupid Leading The Stupid ...

... but other than that, I agree with you, Eric Boehlert.

It's always hilarious, though, when the leading dims of the wingnutosphere drop out of their "LIEbrul media always lies!!1!" mode the instant some boneheaded piece of slop from the MSM seems too good to question.

That's a great story! Why confuse with it facts? is an entirely appropriate attitude when telling tales around the campfire, at a barbecue, or when bellied up to the bar. However, RedState and HotAir,* you're the ones who are always bragging about how you're going to be the ones who replace "old media," right? So, you know, never too soon to start trying to act like professionals, at least to the extent of checking a second source or something.

Don't make me come over there and check your kerning, now.

(h/t: Atrios)

* Update: HotAir has updated its post with what could be called a non-correction correction. My original criticism still stands, though -- this story was easy enough to check before running with it.

RedState's post is as of this moment unchanged.

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