Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Watch Out, Liberals!

Erick Erickson and are forming an army!

RedState Trike Force

(click pic for larger version)

(sources: warrior | logo)

Update: Hanx!

Update: Susan of Texas offers us another logo.


nffcnnr said...

Freakin' brilliant!
~The Awesome•O•Meter

Anonymous said...

you W1N hte intert00bz.

Anonymous said...

A stunningly accurate depiction of the 'fearless' keyboarders.

bjkeefe said...

Thx, y'all.

Laura W said...

That SO rocks.
(signed in on my cats' blog. They are more entertaining anyway.)

Anonymous said...

My friend,

That's fairly damn brilliant.

Lester, Adult Tricycle said...

If I didn’t know Red State was populated by a platoon of Fail, this would be a little scary. Wake me up when they start kidnapping Union Activists.