Sunday, August 01, 2010

Further News from your Police State

Following up from the previous post, here's a related note.

Wikileaks posts an Insurance policy

Wikileaks Afghanistan War Diary

It seems that Wikileaks has posted a massive (1.4 GB, 10x larger than all the other files on the page combined) heavily encrypted file on it's dedicated "Afghan War Diary" page labeled simply "Insurance". (See link above)

Possibly in response to the harsh rhetoric issuing from the US DoD regarding Wikileak's founder, Julian Assange (including the rumored price on his head), sometime last Sunday afternoon the new file was quietly uploaded with no explanation.

The Daily Beast is reporting the Pentagon has a manhunt currently underway for Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange.

The rest, from Antemedius.

My impression, based on occasional impressions formed over the past couple of years, is that Julian Assange is a bit of a drama queen. However, if the part about the "Pentagon manhunt" is true, that all by itself is enough to legitimately alarmed, I'd say.

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