Monday, August 16, 2010

The Mother of all Clickbait Fails

Sorry, I'd rather be forced to watch an hour of koala cubs being stuffed through a power mower than ten seconds of this.

screen shot of an image link to an Ann Althouse/Byron York diavlog

You are hereby banished from my blogroll. Feel the plunge in traffic!


roy edroso said...

That one hell of a business model. Forget the mosque, I think the Arabs are backing bloggingheads for the sole purpose of weakening America.

bjkeefe said...


But you know what? As much as I would like to indulge in that sort of belief (and as much as I am going to ignore that you merely made a joke, for the purposes of my own venting), I think the real explanation is both simpler and deeper: the truth is, we don't need to worry about outside agents when it comes to bemoaning our failing experiment as an enlightened nation. We have only to point to Bob Wright, and countless others just like him, who have so surrendered to the wingnut howling about TEH BIASED LIBRUL MEDIA!!!1! that there is no spinal limit to how far they will bend backwards to accommodate, to understand why we're in the sad shape that we're in.

In any sensible environoment, Althouse and York would be relegated to the milk crates on Sunday mornings in some corner of some public park. Instead, they are offered repeated slots (close to a hundred between them) on a site I used to admire.

graz said...

This is your joint, so all due respect, etc...
Now that you've gone all Dr. Laura on us at bhtv, who's gonna keep the stupid at bay. Nobody's volunteering and "they" wouldn't do it half (or some fraction to suggest a lot) as good as you anyway! Please ... think of the children. There's a whole lot of censoring going on in the bomb Iran thread today. And whatfur has been promoted to model citizen.

Do what you will ... but please reconsider.

bjkeefe said...

I'm having a little trouble squaring "all due respect" with being equated to Dr. Laura but … (*lifts chin, bulges eyes, looks from side to side, straightens knot on necktie*) … perhaps it's appropriate. ;)

That aside, the really hard part for me to wrap my mind around is the concept of 'fur as model citizen. Let's just say I want no part of a place where that is the case.

As for reconsidering, eh, maybe someday. Probably not soon, though. (More details on our Go12 thing.)

Anonymous said...

Some cool shit goin' on today over at the BH. I am being "punished" with no responses in 3 of 5 main thread lists today. Freekin hilarious! Look must have convinced our hero to let me have the last posts, which as we all know means a huge loss to he who could never let it drop no matter how stupid he got.
I am rolling.. this is one of the funniest things ever on that site!
My dad was a submariner in WWII so I will just stay submerged as long as it takes because I am not the one who cares! Imagine the sweat, nausea, and general withdrawal going on in Minnesota tonight... I understand the first 72 hours are the worst.
Bob said many times that he could not understand how you could expect to change anyone's mind by being uncivil, so therein the tone was set. I wonder if certain minds will get changed now.... just kidding!!