Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never mind biology. You know what else? Physics is liberally-biased!!!1!

E=mc² Is a Liberal Conspiracy.

If it says so in The Trustworthy Encyclopedia, then it MUST be true.

Although ... Phyllis Schlafly's son is evidently a little butthurt. Here's a partial screengrab of his Very Important Project's current home page. (Click image to enlarge, and note that original screen grab is 666 pixels wide. Coincidence???)

Screen grab from Conservapedia, failing in an attempt to be snarky

What's worse, fundie wingnut math or fundie wingnut attempts at humor?

Also: PK happened to blog about this ("First They Came For The Climate Scientists") BECAUSE HE'S A LIEBRUL and that caused Tom Tomorrow to email him a link to his latest comic. (Which is a truly marvelous comic, but unfortunately, the margins of this blog are too small to contain it.)


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