Monday, August 23, 2010

Most Zenlike Web Page Ever

I was reading an old King Kaufman article (go Pirates!) in Salon's archives. When I got down to the bottom of the page, I saw a line that said this:

• Bookmark to get the new Kaufman column every day.

You must click that quoted link.

Note that if the link actually pointed to what it says (do that hovering thing) --

-- it would work (with a proper redirect). Well, "work" in a more mundane sense, I concede. And fresher content from the King is available elsewhere on Salon, and on his personal blog, also too.


Twin said...

Fascinating. That's a HTTP 302 page. I was curious how IE handles the link vs. Chrome (my default browser, currently). All I can say is "pathetically" -- hilariously prompting the use to diagnose connection problems. Too funny.

Firefox handles it the same way

Twin said...

Yikes; hit publish by mistake.

I meant to say that Firefox handles the error (the 302) the same way that Chrome does. As written it implies Firefox behaves like IE.

Also "user," not "use."

bjkeefe said...

Also: an HTTP 302 page, not a.

(Incurably yours.)

P.S. Thanks for testing it out with other browsers. I almost never think to do that.