Friday, August 27, 2010

There is no question that this must be reblogged

Arnold, Wilt, and some other famous guy

Okay, so yeah. You're a political junkie and a sci-fi geek, so you got the guy on the left. And the guy on the right? Icon. But who is the third man? (And never tell him that looks like a Garanimals outfit. It would break his heart, even lo these many years later.)

Answer whence I stole this pic.


Rick said...

I'd recognize Hugh anywhere.

Rick said...

And isn't the guy on the far left the actor in The Six Million Dollar Man (boy, does that sound like a funny number these days!)? Richard Anderson?

bjkeefe said...

Looks kind of like him, but I don't think so. But maybe -- the time period is about right, and he probably would have been moving in those social circles at the time.

By the way, I would never have been able to come up with that name. Until I looked it up, I thought, "Was there some foreign version of that show that I never heard about? Because come on, Lee Majors."

But (for the benefit of others), yes, Richard Anderson was in the show. In fact, if you're old enough, you remember his voice from the intro: "We can rebuild him — we have the technology …"

And yeah: Heh, six million dollars.

On the other hand, technology has plummeted in cost so fast since the days of that show that I'm also inclined to think, "You spent all that money, and all you got was a little boost in speed and strength? No wonder Farrah dumped you."

bjkeefe said...

Speaking of whom, see here.