Thursday, August 19, 2010

"From Paul Ryan, a plan that isn't"

Excellent column from Matt Miller, structured as an open letter to the GOP's supposed Idea Man.


Which is why it's important to be clear that your vaunted plan to get our fiscal house in order, and to restore a culture of self-reliance rather than dependency on government, isn't a "plan" at all -- at least not in the way most people think of one. Your road map is a set of assumptions -- a kind of rigged forecasting exercise, really -- that shows how a certain underlying philosophy could play out fiscally in an aging America.

But it doesn't balance the budget, lower national health costs or assure faster economic growth. It's not fiscally conservative enough for my taste, if anyone in Washington still thinks "fiscally conservative" means advocating that government pay for what it chooses to spend.

The rest is specifics, critiquing three aspects Ryan's "plan:" taxes, debt, and health care vouchers. Well worth a look.

(h/t: @louiseslaughter)


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