Friday, August 27, 2010

Whoa. Remember this young starlet?

I never saw her so young. Hard to believe I missed this episode of "The Partridge Family."

(alt. video link)

But, you ask, does it get weirder? Oh, it can get a lot weirder. Would you believe herself and then-hubby, years later, on the "Brady Bunch Hour?"

(alt. video link)

No, I did not know there was a "Brady Bunch Hour," either. And the first 1:53 may well speak to why. EhhhhxxxCRUTIATING! But hang in there -- once the sketch starts, you have only another minute to wait until the big entrance. And then it gets … I guess oddly compelling would be the way to put it. Childhood zen, even, with apologies to Mr. Clarke.

(Blame Japan's hardest rocking Canadian photographer, in the comments for an earlier post.)

P.S. Tech note: please let me know if the embedded videos misbehave (more so than usual, at least). YouTube is trying out a fancy new embedding system, and I figured I'd help beta test it. Thanks.

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TC said...

What do you call a student who is majoring in ancient Egyptian plumbing? A Pharoah's faucet major. That's about as old as this clip. BTW it played fine except it was vary dark people standing in the back of the room tended to fade into black.