Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leading Republicans Hating On Teachers Again

Michele Bachmann and separated at birth twin?I just got an email from the Tarryl Clark campaign, saying that Crazy Eyes Bachmann recently claimed that teachers and other public employees will be "laundering" "taxpayer money" which will then be used to reelect Democrats and punish Republicans.

This strikes me as plausible. That she would say this, I mean. As with Sarah Palin rolling her eyes upon learning that a disgruntled erstwhile constituent was a teacher, Republicans like these love to hate on teachers. And why not? Uneducated voters are their best friends.

Sharron AngleI decided to check on it anyway, and surprise, surprise, it's true. And of course she said it while on FoxNews. While painting it as a Pelosi plot. (Shocker, huh?) And also unsurprisingly, the even crazier Sharron Angle, who was also on the show, echoed the sentiment. As Greg Sargent observes:

Keep in mind that Angle dismissed the BP escrow money secured by the White House as a "slush fund," an assertion she later retracted. Call it the Bachmann-ization of GOP candidates: The constant elevation of the rhetorical stakes to the point where good faith disagreement is no longer possible or even desirable.

The Tea Party hallucinations have grown so overheated that politics can no longer merely be clash of visions or ideologies. It's about rescuing the republic from evildoers. Everything Democrats do must of necessity be nefarious, even vaguely criminal.

Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle on FoxNews

Video of this crazy talk (whence the screen grab above) has been posted by harryreid2010. Glad to see someone is paying attention. We do not actually want people like Michele Bachmann and Sharron Angle running our country. That would be very bad.


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