Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right Wing Noise Machine? What Right Wing Noise Machine?

Just in case the Republican Party base was too dumb to follow the conspiracy theory Bachmann and Angle were yelling about on Fox last night, the RedState Trike Force is here to help!

Teaching lies to wingnuts using cartoons

(h/t: Riley Waggaman | x-posted)


Anonymous said...


I suppose even right-leaning people with a basic understanding of economic theory will be laughing at the naivety on display here.

bjkeefe said...

One would think, wouldn't one?

However, the amount of parroting of this cartoon nonsense that I've seen from conservative commenters around the Web the past couple of days suggests either there are a lot of people who do not, in fact, have a basic understanding of economic theory. Or worse, understand just enough to be able to twist it so it fits the fears they want to cling to.