Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yep. That About Says It.

But there are words, too, and you should read them. Because, as Roy Edroso says in his introduction:

Responses by junior-grade rightbloggers were as one might expect: "Obama has Surrendered and Submitted to islam," "Obama is in favor of desecrating Ground Zero," etc ad nauseum.

Normally these yahoos provide the biggest laugh lines in this column. But this week we'll let them alone, and limit ourselves to the big-time rightbloggers -- the kind who write for major publications, get big traffic, write op-eds for the New York Times, etc.

Because those guys were basically saying the same thing as the yahoos -- just more fancy-like.

It might be better to hear or read what our President had to say, first, but … up to you. But one way or another, please be aware what the reactionary part of the United States is coming to.


... it should be clear by now that these people have as little respect for language as they have for the Constitution.


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