Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Argo follow-up

Following up from yesterday, Laura McGann of Nieman Lab another post up on NPR's new online thing: "Project Argo blog is for participants, but an interesting read for outsiders."

Think of it as an in-house blog that just happens to be open to the public; even though the blog is meant for NPR staff, it’s a useful read for anyone interested in the future of news or in best practices for launching a news blog.

So, obviously, not for everyone, but I've been enjoying looking through Argo Project, The Blog. This one on how to use Twitter (as a news organization) might be a good place to start (ignore the idiotic title).

Actually, I have to admit that one of the things that made it catch my eye was a bit quoting Jay Rosen that perfectly echoed a sense I had expressed elsewhere just a day or two ago (emph. added):

Throughout the day I will be watching Twitter for what my 600 sources are telling me, which means I’m clicking all over the Web because I tend to follow people who give good link. I don’t use RSS and I don’t use alerts. I do everything from the Web; Twitter is my RSS reader.

Lots of good links in Laura's post, too.

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