Monday, August 23, 2010

The Blogger Who Mistook His Thoughts For A Bat

I just had occasion to look up the town of Branford, Connecticut, and so now I know that it is a town about eight miles due east of New Haven. (Or, if you're vehicularly inclined, "a few minutes north.") I-95 is at that point pretty much a line of latitude, and the center of Branford is about a mile south of it. Looks like one town boundary is the Atlantic Ocean -- the coastline there is also an east-west line -- so it's probably a pretty nice place.

Map link | Wikipedia page.

From the latter:


How great are those names?

And how do you suppose the second guy got interested in brain science? From the beanball wars of the pre-batting helmet days?

Curt Belfrey would probably not like me making such jokes.

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Also, too: @Mr. Riley: As it happens, the last player mentioned batted left, threw right, so if you ever wanted a more self-deprecating nickname, I'd say you can't go wrong with Clank.

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