Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess Who's Back In Charge? Turd Blossom!

Karl Rove: dominatrix.  Michael Steele: submissive.

Zandar calls attention to an interesting piece in Raw Story discussing Excellent News For Republicans: they won't have to fire their one black guy!

Basically, the story goes, current RNC chair and perpetual disaster Michael Steele is seen by the GOP's movers and shakers as a figurehead who can be tolerated until after the midterms, and Karl Rove is back calling the shots.

Don't you feel better already, America?

That fabulous pic is the artwork from a story Tim Dickinson did for Rolling Stone back in May, in which he said:

With the media's attention diverted by the noisy revolt being waged by the Tea Party, the man known as "Bush's brain" was staging a stealthier but no less significant coup of the Republican Party.

There may be an upside for Dems here: if the MSM will ever deign to cover this story, if may be worth the tradeoff of having a more competent dirty trickster as the de facto head of the Republican Party, in return for how much that will remind people about the Wonderfulness of the first eight years of this millennium.


Short version: all losses pre-stimulus

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