Sunday, August 01, 2010

Something wrong with my cookies?

As in, was it a mistake to go over to the home of the RedState Trike Force to see the GHEMRotRSTF fluff his own book? And then to WingNutDaily, to check up on the Thirteenthers? So that I am now being tracked by the Party That Pretends To Care About Your Ideas And Will Even Embrace Them To The Extent That They Equate To Tax Cuts For The Rich And Fewer Regulations For Polluters?

Or have other people also been forced to look at Darling of the Teabaggers™ Marco Rubio on pretty much every web site they have visited the past day or two?

Let us in any case steal an(other) idea from the Dark Prince of alicublog and his minions.

Marco Rubio, about to swallow something long and cylindrical

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